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8 Week Performance and Nutrition Challenge 4.0

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It’s that time of year JAKarellis – Challenge time!! This will be the best one yet!! 

  • Accountability

  • Performance Testing

  • Personalised Nutrition to enhance your Performance

  • Implementing daily habits to increase your everyday Health & Happiness

  • Working in a thriving team environment which is crucial to SUCCESS

  • Move like a Yogini to enhance your Recovery

This is the season where we find ourselves less motivated, less willing to get out of bed on those chilly mornings, less strict with what foods we’re consuming. Fear not… we’ve got your back!

We’ll be kicking off another PNC on JUNE 26.

Not only does proper nutrition help us feel and look our best, it is critical for optimal performance in the gym. Whether you’ve been CrossFitting for years or just getting started, getting a handle on how to properly fuel your body will take you to the next level in training.


Theres no better feeling than to conquer your goals, gain new skills or improve results on a workout you’ve done before. Remove those ideas on burning as many calories as you can, pushing hard trying to keep up with a training buddy or to finish first in class. Keeping a focus on chasing virtuosity, perfecting the movement or skill then build on intensity. Or, simply performing the workout with movements you weren’t capable of when you started.

In this challenge we will be giving away prizes each week in celebrating our best performing athlete, it could be for most improved, new skill, PB reached or performing the workouts with impeccable form. Our Coaches will be there every step of the way – to support you, encourage and ensure that you get the absolute most out of every workout you complete.


We have a new added element to this season’s Nutrition prescription. We found that in previous challenges it was very generalised on what we recommend for energy input. We’re very aware that everyone is different and requires a specific macro ratio, portion size and nutrient timing ….Not only will we be taking care of keeping you accountable with your attendance and taking you to new levels with your performance – we will also have a Dietician personalise your nutrition plan with specific individual meal plans tailored to suit your goals, size, lifestyle and current health.

Personalised Physiques are a Dietitian led company that specialise in body composition analysis and their aim is to provide the most detailed service integrating food, lifestyle and science.

Every athlete will kick-off the challenge one week prior to the actual start date (Saturday Jun 17) with a Body Composition Scan and an appointment with a Dietitian Specialist. All participants will receive their personalised meal plan the Friday prior to our Monday start date. On completion of the challenge we will be running another Body Comp Scan to compare results.


As you’re aware by now spending time on your mobility not only improves our performance but it also aids recovery!

When it comes to training the body, it should be well rested, hydrated and fuelled (nutrition), free of inflammation (through diet and good motor patterns), responding positively to stress and insulin sensitivity. However, there are many athletes following all of these training protocols, but still suffering from chronic muscle and joint pain. Why is that? It is absolutely vital that we consider how our daily postural habits and prior movement history affect our ability to perform at our very best.

Muscular imbalances, compensations and dysfunctional movement patterns are well ingrained and further strengthened in the position we experience most: our daily posture. Lacking awareness of this without correction leaves a CrossFitter susceptible to repetitive muscle strain, injury or simply the inability to improve in key areas of performance.

Yoga is a perfect complement to CrossFit and can benefit athletes of all disciplines, genders, ages and abilities.

You’ll be given cues to correct your biomechanics and opportunities to create muscular strength, endurance and flexibility in desirable ranges of motion. This will translate into WOD success naturally as time progresses.

Adding yoga as a complement to your CrossFit WODs can help in a multitude of ways. All you have to do is google “yoga benefits” to find a long list of reasons why you should include it in your training regime. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved joint biomechanics
  • Conserved energy
  • Improved strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Better breathing functioning
  • Better balance and coordination
  • Enhanced body awareness (kinesthesia)
  • Improved mental focus and control
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, depression and pain
  • Improved self esteem
  • Elevated mood
  • Reduced potential for injury and overuse
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Strengthened core stabilising muscles
  • Improved posture
  • Better lymph drainage
  • Boosted immunity

Yoga can give a CrossFit athlete the opportunity to work on the areas they’re weakest in and can help restore and correct muscle and joint imbalances caused by everyday bad posture habits and poor motor patterns. With time, patience and practice, you can be sure to see a multitude of improvements that transcend yoga exhibited directly in your CrossFit.

Theres no Yogini more knowledgeable, experienced and passionate than our very own JAK member and creator of Flo Fit, Brooke Davidson. The other value that Brooke can bring to her advice is the fact that she is aware of what our bodies are doing during a CrossFit WOD. She is also performing the workouts each day and can really implement practices that complement our training.

Brooke is offering UNLIMITED Flo Fit classes for all of our PNC members for the 8 weeks of the challenge!

No better time to beat the winter blues – TAKE ACTION and get your name on the list TODAY to join our challenge team!